February 2018

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Gran Canaria Tourist

Gran Canaria like many of the Canary Islands is a popular tourist destination for many people.  Gran Canaria is the third largest Canary Island with a population of around 800,000 people and has more than 2 Million tourists a year from all over the world.

Like many of the Canary Island, Gran Canaria boasts good all year round weather making this a tourist destination any time of the year offering people the chance to escape those cold winters.

Gran Canaria is a volcanic Island and is about 50km in width, although small the island has a dry South with green pine forests of the Mountainous middle of the Island, it is not unusual for you to find snow on the peaks while.

Gran Canaria can offer something for everyone, whether it be night clubbing, water sports, walking, golfing or of course golden sandy beaches you will find it on this Island.

With it’s good all year round weather and many bars, restaurants and attractions Gran Canaria offers something for people from all over the world and continues to attract millions of tourists a year.

Gran Canaria Map

Gran Canaria Map

What can Gran Canaria Tourist offer you?

  • Gran Canaria Resorts – Information on the different resorts in Gran Canaria including Puerto Rico, Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas. for you to visit.  Each resort has information covering an overview of the resort and you can read / leave comments on each.


  • Gran Canaria Attractions – If you are wanting to explore the Island here you will find information on the main tourist attractions in Gran Canaria.


  • Gran Canaria Hotels – There are many places to stay, in our Hotels section you will be able to read about some of the biggest and best Hotels on the Island.


  • Gran Canaria Apartments – Gran Canaria has many apartments to choose from. Our Apartments section allows you to view different apartments and book them safely and secure online.


  • Gran Canaria Weather – Many people will come to the Canary islands for the great weather, here you will find important information on the weather in Gran Canaria and a yearly weather forecast.


  • Gran Canaria Flights – Like all the Canary Islands you can fly direct to Gran Canaria from the UK. Most of the main airports will fly direct and you can choose from many cheap airlines. Our flights section allows you to browse for cheap flights and to book them online.


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